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Products Overview

Riser Sleeve

All material and most alloys during solidification from liquid phase to solid, a contraction occurred, foundry men have to compensate the shrinkage by supplying liquid metal from dam properly connecting with casting in order to produce sound casting.

The metal at the dam must be last part of solidification of casting. For many years, TEMC has researched the knowledge of feeding, and has developed products and processes to create most efficient in use minimum volume of feeding head.

Exothermic material provide additional heat, and insulting materials reduce heat loss and exothermic plus insulting materials combine two major functions to get best effect. TEMC, in order to save great energy and reduce shrinkage defect, is supplying foundry industry full range of feeding aids.

TEMC range of foundry chemicals is comprehensive, varied shape of riser sleeve is available, such as cylinder, open blind and oval, special shape requested by customer is welcome, smallest 50 mm to 600 mm, flexible board type is suitable for large riser, Our feeding aids are available for production of all kind of steel, iron, copper and aluminum casting.

TEMC Products


TEMC has developed a series of refractory coatings in order to minimize the finishing operation and produce a casting with a better appearance with a lower defect rate. We know that some degree of penetration and "burn on" can not be prevented, and will need additional finishing operation, and in the worst cast resulting in scrapped castings. Our coating can reduce metal penetration and prevent the formation of "burn on".

TEMC refractory coatings are available in powder and paste types, which need to be mixed with alcohol or water before we use. Various types have been formulated for different methods of application; such as bushing, flowing, spraying and dipping.

We developed refractory coatings for different metal castings, like alloy steel, high manganese steel, grey iron, ductile iron. It have also been formulated for different mold making processes, like silicate bonded mold, furan mold, hot box process, cold box process.

TEMC Products


TEMC has designed a series of products for non-ferrous metal treatment.

These products are:

  1. Degassing fluxes offering the following advantages
    a. Much less smoke.
    b. Non-toxic.
    c. Efficient removal of gas from molten metal.

  2. Coveting fluxes for preventing oxidation, minimizing metal loss and cleansing metal.

  3. Modifying flux for aluminum silicon alloy in order to improve metal graphic structure and mechanical properties.

  4. Grain refining agent (i.e. aluminum titanium-boron alloy)

  5. Chemicals for the elimination of unwanted elements (i.e. magnesium, calcium in aluminum molten)

  6. Launder design and filtration system.

TEMC can design a better launder system for preventing turbulence and oxidation during molten metal transportation, while offering a superior quality of ceramic foam filter ensuring the best cleanliness of molten metal.